Friday, January 27, 2012

Tool #7: Reaching Outside your Classroom

  1. After visiting the resources above, design a collaborative project with another classroom.
This tool was informative to read about how students can use synchronous and asynchronous learning to have peer-to-peer interaction using a high-tech approach.

2. Post the following about the project:
    1. Content objective
    1. When you plan to implement
    2. What tool(s) you plan to use
    3. A brief description of the project (plan - two or three sentences)
    4. If you need to find another classroom - We can begin networking with other classrooms right here!
My content objective will be to have my Money Matters students understand investment strategies by researching and collaborating with students in different periods given various resources such as the Internet and the Wall Street Journals. 

I will implement this plan towards the end of this semester after each class has studied the investment strategies in their textbook and completed the Junior Achievement lesson on investment.

Students will work collaboratively on a Google Docs and Poll Everywhere.

Students will be grouped in one of the following investments:
  • Stocks,
  • Real Estate,
  • Collectibles,
  • Mutual Funds,
  • Savings Accounts,
  • U.S. Savings Bonds,
  • Certificate of Deposits,
  • Money Market Deposit Accounts,
  • Money Market Mutual Funds,
  • or Corporate & Government Bonds
Each group will be given four scenarios to solve based on a fixed amount of money to grow. They will collaborate with other students from different classes on the strategies for the best investment. They will poll each other on pros and cons of each investment option using Poll Everywhere. Students will share their conclusions after they have collected data and written their findings together on their scenario sheets.

Other Spring Branch ISD Money Matters classes could join with this asynchronous learning lesson and let their students collaborate across the district on the same topic!

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  1. Call me a money geek but I would love this project. You've incorporated some great Google options and then by connecting to other schools you have a home run project!